Take Note America: THIS Country's Police Force Hasn't Killed A Single Person In Nearly 10 Years

Police in Norway hardly ever use their guns, a new report released by the Scandinavian country's government shows. In fact, it's been practically 10 years because law enforcement shot and killed somebody, in 2006.

Maybe the most telling circumstances was when terrorist Anders Breivik opened fire in 2011 and killed 77 people in Utoya and Oslo. Authorities fired back at him, all right, but only a single time. In 2014, officers drew their guns 42 times, however they fired simply 2 shots while on duty. Nobody was injured in either of those instances.

Considering that police officers in the United States have killed more than 600 people this year alone, the report definitely is eye-opening. Obviously, law enforcement authorities in the United States deal with greater risks of violence while on task.

Weapons are not main to cops activity in Norway, which is one reason the police shooting rates are so low. As in Britain, authorities in Norway usually patrol while unarmed and only bear arms in extenuating situations.

In the past, specialists have actually stated that reviewing U.S. police techniques-- specifically having less of a focus on force and making in person interactions more typical-- might help cut the shooting rates there, at least in the short term. A more complex issue is the relative absence of rely on law enforcement officer in the U.S.

Sociologist GuĂ°mundur Oddsson, speaking with Tech Insider, said Norwegians' greater sense of trust in law enforcement was perhaps among the factors for the nation's low weapon violence rates. "Trust is an incredibly effective system of informal social control. In smaller sized, more ethnically homogeneous nations like Norway, building that trust is simple. People feel a sense of togetherness for lots of factors, consisting of the fact that many people look comparable and hold comparable beliefs," he said.

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