Purina Sued For Allegedly Killing 4,000 Dogs With ‘Toxic’ Food

We love our family pets. Our pets are family members. To many of us, they are one of the kids (the furry one that is). But are we as cautious with exactly what we feed our pets as what we feed our kids? Regularly, ads for pet food claim that they have "genuine" food, however the active ingredients end up being things like wheat gluten meal, animal by-products, and corn by-products. Nestle's Purina Beneful brand name, among the most popular brands of canine food, is currently facing a class action claim declaring their food caused severe health concerns or even death in over 4,000 pets. A little digging into customer reviews of Beneful returns with story after story of pets suffering from enormous internal health issues. Maybe it's time to begin looking more closely at the food you're feeding your canine and start changing the chicken by-product meal with real chicken.

Exactly what's the Handle Standard Pet dog Food?

There are many pet owners waiting for the decision in the class action lawsuit versus Beneful. Reviews from pet dog owners who have actually fed their pets Beneful have comparable stressful signs. These dogs develop incontinence, internal bleeding, liver malfunction, and seizures. There are two ingredients that are potentially causing one of the most damage. The very first is propylene glycol, a chemical utilized in antifreeze that however has actually been authorized by the FDA for pet dog food and other items like salad dressings and cake blends. Propylene glycol has caused items to be banned in Europe. It is considered less toxic than the ethylene glycol normally used in antifreeze, but it's still a chemical you don't require your dog consuming.

Another possible cause of these pet dog poisonings is mycotoxins from improperly saved grains. With the extensive occurrences of liver failure cited in the suit, it makes good sense that this is being brought on by contaminants. Pet dog foods include large amounts of grain from multiple sources, so the testing for contaminated components is inconsistent and inadequate. Lax screening and regulation coupled with the tendency of large corporations to meet the bare minimum standards for quality makes it more than possible that Purina Beneful and many other canines foods include mycotoxins. A number of customers report that their Beneful items had maggots. A lot of the signs reported by pet owners are consistent with mycotoxin poisoning. Since standard dog food relies so heavily on grains, without comprehensive controling, the hazard of mycotoxins will always exist.

Is Homemade Pet Food the Answer?

It's interesting to note the ways in which food for dogs mirrors our food. Traditional dog food brings to mind junk food-- cheap and simple. Exactly what would take place if we put as much care into our pet's food as we do into ours? It sounds like a great deal of work and a great deal of cash. However, reading the stories from Beneful customers who have had to rush their canine to the veterinarian, saw them suffer, or found them dead is sobering. Does the time and cash balance out in the end?

Examine the ingredients in your dog food. Avoid animal by-products, excessive grains, sugar, and preservatives. Making your dog's food in your home allows you to feed them a well balanced diet of entire foods with any chemicals or preservatives. Mix raw, organic vegetables and organic, lawn fed ground meat like beef or bison in a food mill. You can utilize a range of veggies (no onions, though!) as well as include bonus like eggs or avocado. If your pet dog is having health issues, homemade food can make all the difference in the world. We likewise provide all our pets (and people) in the household, Overall Nutrition Formula. Your pets are very important members of your family. Why disappoint them a little additional love with a much better quality of food?

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