Police In Thailand Lay Down Weapons And Join With Protestors

Previously this week in Thailand, a shocking turn of events happened. Under orders to harass and block protestors, policemen instead yielded to the peaceful riot by putting down their barriers and helmets as an indication of uniformity.

The event protestors described that their goal is to damage the political machine of former Prime Minister Thakskin Shinawatra, who is implicated of extensive corruption and abuse of power. The present Prime Minister, Yingluck Shinawatra, is Thakskin's sister and is viewed as a puppet of her brother. In a move to bring down the Shinawatra government, protestors stormed the Bangkok Metropolitan Police Bureau. This plan was developed and led by demonstration leader, Suthep Thaugsuban.

However what cops did instead stunned lots of us. Their lowering of arms and accompanying protestors marks a turning point in the demonstrations and a possible shift in power.

The video above showcases the triumphant combining of both sides.

It is an inspiring act for police workers to take the effort to stand up for what is right. Who knows exactly what changes could occur if other countries followed suit.

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