Place A Few Of These Leaves In The Corners Of Your House And You'll Never See A Cockroach Again

Cockroaches are nasty insects, their physical look may terrify anyone. They are frequently related to garbage and dirt, however you can likewise see them in the house, walking down in our kitchen or bed room.

We can discover them anywhere in the world as their power of adjustment extremely established. They are among the most resistant types on the world as they support high levels of radiation and can make it through without food for more than a month. These insects are omnivores, suggesting they can eat both, plant foods or other animals. For these reasons we can find cockroaches everywhere, feeding upon anything they find.

In addition to feeding upon trash, cockroaches leave chemical traces through their stool. In this method, they can easily find sources of water or food. That is a method of communication between them which's the main reason why they are all set up in a certain place. Remarkable, I know ... However we will help you to get rid of these nasty bugs at last.

If you want to get rid of cockroaches that provide in your home, we advise you try this trick which is very efficient. This is a good option if you have kids or family pets, because you will avoid commercial and dangerous toxins.


Bay leaves are the very best natural cockroach repellent. This herb can't eliminate them, however it the drives them away quickly since the smell is unbearable for the cockroach. Location laurel branches in every corner of the house.

Location 10 bay leaves in the garden or in the kitchen area and you will never ever see cockroaches strolling around. They are perfect for the local areas where food is stored such as kitchen area or kitchen since they are safe and non-toxic. We likewise recommend putting bay leaves in your garden especially if you have a pet. This way you will eliminate cockroaches without worrying about your kids or animals security.

You can use fresh bay leaves or dry. But the best way to use these leaves is to crush dry leaves and make a powder. They launch a much stronger smell used by doing this.

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