Neuroscience Journal Confirms Adverse Effects Of Fluoride On Brain Development

I can't believe that with all the proof that we STILL allow our water to be poisoned by our Federal government. I don't consume faucet water and will not up until this poison is eliminated from our supply of water. I do not use fluoridated toothpaste due to the fact that it is common sense at this moment that this stuff isn't good for you.

The science that fluoride is a health risk is overwhelming and one must ask WHY does the Federal government demand putting this in our water? It definitely isn't really for our good health.

Fluoride is commonly present in tap water thanks to a procedure called fluoridation-- which the United States government has been consistently informing us is a safe and effective method to protect teeth from decay, according to Global Research.

However a current study published in The Lancet, the world's most popular medical journal, has in fact categorized fluoride as a neurotoxin-- something which has a negative impact on brain advancement-- alongside other incredibly toxic substances such as arsenic, lead and mercury.

A a great deal of cities within the United States are pumping their drinking water systems full of fluoride, and the federal government is claiming that there are no health dangers to this unnecessary practice.


Fluoride is contributed to water since of an out-of-date idea that it prevents oral decay, according to Scientific American. If applied regularly in low concentrations, the U.S. is being led to believe that it increases the rate of development and size of tooth enamel-- which helps to reverse the development of little cavities.

But, modern research studies reveal that oral decay rates are so low in the U.S. that the effects of water fluoridation can not in fact be measured. This suggests that the advantage of water fluoridation is not scientifically relevant, according to Fluoride Alert.

There are many more secure methods to offer fluoride for your teeth if they want. In fact, there is an extremely easy one time gel treatment that takes just 15 minutes and lasts a lifetime, according to Ye Olde Reporter. Teenagers and young people that have oral fluoride shortage can easily be tested-- although it is most likely that their dental expert will have observed the issue and already recommended ways to improve the condition.

What little advantage fluoridated water might actually provide comes completely through its topical application-- implying that fluoride does not need to be swallowed to benefit teeth, as reported by Fluoride Alert.


Fluoride is an industrial-grade chemical that is typically infected with trace amounts of toxic heavy metals-- such as lead, arsenic and radium. These trace elements build up in our bodies gradually, and are related to triggering cancer, among other health complications, according to Fluoride Alert.

Toothpaste labels typically consist of warnings relating to the threats of swallowing too much toothpaste at one time; this is because of its fluoride content. Meanwhile, fluoridation isn't really a typical practice in Europe, with nations such as Austria, Belgium, Finland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and The Netherlands opting out of including fluoride to drinking water, according to Alt Health Functions.

As kept in mind in the latest study, released in The Lancet, and reported on by Ye Olde Journalist, "A systematic evaluation recognized 5 various similar industrial chemicals as developmental neurotoxicants: lead, methylmercury ... arsenic and toluene ... 6 added developmental neurotoxicants have actually likewise now been identified: manganese, fluoride ..." The study keeps in mind that neurodevelopmental disabilities, including attention-deficit hyperactivity condition, dyslexia and other cognitive impairments, are now affecting countless children worldwide-- a "pandemic of developmental neurotoxicity."

Over current years, increasingly more people have joined the motion to remove commercial fluoride from the world's water system, thanks to an increased awareness of the threats to human health brought on by consuming this contaminant for a prolonged amount of time. If you are concerned about the quantity of fluoride you are putting into your body, you can switch to fluoride-free toothpastes and assist spread out awareness about the threats of fluoridation.

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