Mark Ruffalo Tells Monsanto Chief: "You Are Poisoning People"

Mark Ruffalo is known for calling out corporations who are responsible for destroying the environment.  Recently, the actor had a chance to meet with the Monsanto chief face to face and speak his mind, Inhabitat writes.

As Ruffalo writes in his blog, "Monsanto Chief is horrible…and I got to tell him that to his face after his interview on CBS This Morning. Approaching someone like this isn’t really my thing. But being so well behaved all the time doesn’t seem to be helping people. It made me really uncomfortable to do it. But that’s how we change. We must become uncomfortable. We must act out of our comfort zones for things to change. We must call out the people who are doing horrible things when they do them. Hugh Grant must be made to feel uncomfortable for what he allows his company to do in the world. That is why I told him what I did today and why I am sharing it with you.”

The actor goes on to write, that when waiting in the green room at CBS, Mr. Grant walked in after an interview.  Ruffalo couldn't hold his tongue and said to him:

“You are wrong. You are engaged in monopolizing food. You are poisoning people. You are killing small farms. You are killing bees. What you are doing is dead wrong. “

Grant replied as a bead of sweat broke out on his head…”Well, what I think we are doing is good.” 

“I am sure you do," said Ruffalo, ending the conversation.

Grant had just come off from doing a slimy interview where he dodged important questions about Monsanto's shady tactics.  You can check out the interview here:

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