Man Steals $61,000 Boat Belonging To Dentist Who Shot Cecil The Lion, Crashes It

Divine retribution or humorous coincidence?
You may remember that last July, a dentist from Minnesota named Walter Palmer traveled to Zimbabwe to shoot and kill a lion. He succeeded with a lion named Cecil. What he couldn’t have predicted, however, was that his actions would spur international outrage.

Infuriated activists haven’t let up on terrorizing the dentist for killing the African cat. In addition to vandalizing the garage door of his $1.1 million home in Florida with the words “Lion Killer!”, Cecil the Lion supporters have lowered his reputation on sites such as Yelp and continue to defame him in social media groups.

And, his luck hasn’t improved lately. Recently, a neighbor of Palmer’s in Florida stole the keys to his $61,175 boat and crashed it.

Naples Daily News relays that Andrew Derwin, a neighbor who lives near the vacation home on Marco Island, faces grand theft charges for stealing the boat then crashing it at Caxambas Park Marina. Reportedly, this isn’t the first time the 26-year-old has been faced with such serious charges.

According to the Collier County Sheriff’s Office, Derwin has been arrested 13 times on various charges, including driving under the influence, forgery, and fleeing from law enforcement. At present, he suffers from serious injuries and his current condition is unknown.

Regardless if this was just an impulsive crime or a planned out attack on the dentist for killing Cecil the Lion, many animal rights advocates are laughing about the incident, claiming that it’s divine retribution for killing the cat.

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