Majority Of Steaks Served In Restaurants Are Made In THIS Disturbing Way

In many industries, it’s not uncommon for pieces of several different items to be stuck together to make a whole item. At one stage this was a major problem within the motor industry. The Illegal practise of cutting good sections from bad cars, then welding them together to make a good car was rife. The end result of this process was known as a “cut & shut”. 

The sale of any vehicle subject to this “cut & shut” process is highly illegal and the end result would normally highly unsafe and would never get through any safety test. Not to mention this could also be used as a way to disguise previously stolen vehicles. Obviously these vehicles have no resale value due to this. 

Pretty bad isn’t it? So what if I was to tell you that the meat industry are doing something similar with your steak.

So what exactly are they doing to your steaks?

This common practise is used across the country by various dining halls and restaurants. Pieces of meat unused/leftover from the slaughtering/butchering process  are stuck together with meat glue, this gives the appearance of a solid piece of meat.

You might be thinking that’s not possible or you’d probably notice. unfortunately not as the end result of this process is very convincing. 

Please check out the eye opening video on “Frankensteaks" below:

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