Key Player In BREXIT Campaign UKIP's Nigel Farage Resigns As Party Leader

Nigel Farage one of the key players in the Brexit campaign has announced his resignation as the leader of The United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP).

52-year-old Nigel Farage stated the he had "done my bit" following the referendum vote which has resulted in the UK leaving the European Union (EU).

He stated at his first speech since the result: "Tough though it has been at times it has definitely all been worth it." He also stated that he never intended to be a career politician.

"I now feel that I have done my bit... So I feel it's right that I should now stand aside as leader of UKIP.”

Farage, who is also an Member Of European Parliament (MEP). He stated that the UK was in need of a "Brexit prime minister".

Farage sated  that UKIP will campaign against "backsliding" on the Brexit decision. He has also announced the he plans to see out his term in the European Parliament, He has  described his party as "the turkeys that voted for Christmas”.

He has also stated the he would not be endorsing any particular candidate to replace him, saying "may the best man or woman win”.

Farage said he plans to "bury the hatchet with anybody" including UKIP's only MP Douglas Carswell of Clacton, Essex. Upon learning of Farage’s resignation, Carswell took to twitter and posted an emoji picture of a smiley face.

Farage had previously tried to resign after last year's general election in the UK, although on that occasion the UKIP members refused to accept his resignation. He stated he "owed it to the party to stay" and resumed his role of leader until today.

As a result of the Brexit vote the UK has lost Boris Johnson, Prime Minister David Cameron and now Nigel Farage all within the space of 2 weeks.

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