How To Make A DIY Tesla Powerwall For $300

The Tesla Powerwall battery setup is regarded as being a uniquely groundbreaking hardware that can transform the ways and processes on how we utilize energy, with that said, it also uses a very common and everyday principle found in normal batteries to store and funnel the energy.

While Tesla has its very own efficient lithium power pack batteries to compliment the heavy usage, we have found a video that can teach you precisely how you can create your own Tesla Powerwall battery using typical rechargeable battery sets.

However, the original Tesla batteries in the Powerwall can cost you up to $3500 and even more, but JehuGarcia, who made the video (that is below), says you can create this set-up for about $300 with the lithium batteries along with a few basic components.

So without any waiting click on the video below to see how it’s done.

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