Here's What Your Lungs Look Like After Smoking 20 Cigarettes [WATCH]

Cigarette smoking is incredibly bad for you. We already know this. Nevertheless, regardless of knowing all the risks, approximately 17/100 adults in the USA smoke at least on cigarette daily.

Although I'm not a full-time smoker, I like a cigar ette every now and again. Normally when I'm feeling stressed out or I'm exceptionally annoyed. However the odd one ain't gonna mess me up too much is it?

Well, actually, according to the researchers over at MEDspiration, one cigarette 'can lower our life by about 11 minutes'. Which is scary shit if you're sparking one up 10 times a day.

Scientist published an extremely graphic video on Facebook that apparently reveals what a healthy pair of lungs appear like after smoking 20 cigarettes. I'll caution you, it isn't pretty. In truth, it's pretty damn terrifying!

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