Have You Been Charging Your Smartphone Incorrectly? Here's How You Should Be Doing It!

We've all been there-- you've left your house for a few hours and, in spite of setting out with a totally charged phone, by midday your iPhone battery icon has already turned an ominous shade of red and the cell phone is having a hard time to stay alive.

It's a consistent aggravation of the smartphone owner but it ends up that we might all be partly to blame for our cell phone's shitty battery lives, as we have actually been charging our phones all incorrectly, apparently.

An innovation business has now laid to rest some misconceptions about your mobile phone's battery and offered some suggestions on how to make your phone last longer, the i100 reports.

Battery University, made by Cadex, have actually supplied these handy suggestions that will assist extend the life-span of your mobile phone's not-so-great battery 

1. Charge Your Phone In Short Bursts

According to Battery University, it's really a mistaken belief that charging your battery when it drops to 1 percent and shooting it approximately the full 100 percent, is the best method to go.

In reality, charging your mobile phone for a long time can really be harming to the lithium battery. Obviously, it wears down the battery's power and suggests you'll have to charge it again quickly.

So, you should charge your phone whenever you get the opportunity.

2. Avoid Charging To 100%.

In truth, you should not charge your phone to the full 100 percent, at all.

According to Battery University: "Li-ion does not have to be totally charged, nor is it preferable to do so. In fact, it is better not to completely charge, because a high voltage stresses the battery.".

Charging it to full whack will reduce charge holding capabilities in the long run, so charging it to a middle ground and topping up as needed is far more beneficial.

3. Don't Keep It Plugged In When It's Completely Charged.

I make certain I'm not alone in leaving my phone on charge overnight however, according to Battery University, this isn't the best idea.

You see, as soon as the battery hits 100 percent, it gets 'flow charges' to keep it at the full power while plugged in. It keeps the battery in a high-stress, high-tension state, which contributes to battery life issues.

Basically, make sure you disconnect it once it strikes 100 percent charge.

4. Keep It Cool, Lose The Case

Some phone cases insulate heat in your phone, which reduces the efficiency of the batteries.

Eliminating your phone from its case, at least while you're charging it, will keep the battery cool and assist it last that bit longer.

In short, Battery University describe: " If you see that your gadget fumes when you charge it, take it out of its case initially.".

Naturally, it might assist us all if Apple and other cell phone manufacturers would fit their gadgets with higher quality batteries!

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