Facebook Refuses To Remove Cartoon Of Cop Having Throat Slit But Actively Removes Breastfeeding Images

Facebook has chosen not to get rid of a sickening cartoon of a law enforcement officer having his throat slit from a Black Panther page used by Dallas police officer killer Micah Xavier Johnson.

The gruesome image shows a man worn black slashing the uniformed officer's throat with a knife as blood spills out of the cop's neck.

It was published on the 'Black Panther Party Mississippi' page, which Johnson published a twisted tirade on just days prior to he started his massacre.
The animation brings the words 'as a R.B.G. killer panther I promise to defend my black neighborhood by any means required'.

' R.B.G' represents red, black and green and describes the Pan-African flag, which is often seen being flown at civil rights protests.

The image was published on Facebook by a user called Prince Mamuhammad, whose profile consists of posts talking of 'war with the white male'.
The image has actually been reported to Facebook however the social networks website refused to take it down, stating it does not break the company's 'neighborhood requirements'.
Facebook ruled that the picture does not 'promote graphic violence'.

Its reply to the report said: 'Reports like yours are a vital rile in making Facebook a safe and inviting environment.
' We examined the post you reported for promoting graphic violence and found it does not break our community standards.'

Johnson, who was a user of a host of Facebook pages committed to black militancy, published a rant on the exact same Black Panther Celebration Mississippi page five days prior to he shot 12 law enforcement officers in Dallas, killing five.

' Why do so many whites (not all) delight in killing and participating in the death of innocent beings,' he composed above a video of exactly what seemed individuals taking part in a whale-killing.

In the disjointed July 2 post, Johnson revealed anger over lynchings of black individuals and 'our ancestors' being beaten, mutilated and eliminated.
' Then they all loaf and smile while their image is taken with a hung, scorched and brutalized black person,' Johnson, 25, wrote.

' They even go to our homeland and shoot our endangered wild animals for sport.'
Army reservist Johnson stated during a four-hour siege in a parking lot in downtown Dallas that he wanted to eliminate white individuals, particularly white policeman, police officials stated.

' The suspect stated he was distressed about Black Lives Matter. He said he was upset about the recent cops shootings of black suspects. He stated he was upset at white individuals. The suspect specified he wished to eliminate white people, particularly white policemans,' Dallas Police Chief David Brown stated.

Johnson identified himself on Facebook as a black nationalist, and his profile image reveals him wearing a dashiki and holding a clenched initially in the air like a Black Panther.

He 'liked' several pages related to the Nation of Islam, the Black Riders Freedom Celebration, the New Black Panther Party and the African American Defense League.

A man who served in the same platoon as Johnson in Afghanistan told Fox News he 'went all Black Panther' after he returned from the battle zone.

Johnson wasn't the only person in his family to have actually developed a distrust for police. In the days preceeding the shooting, his sibling Nicole composed several posts about her disappointment at the tense relationship between cops and the African-American community.

She said law enforcement officer required 'to obtain a taste of the life we now fear'.

Composing on Facebook, she stated: 'Sick of y' all tryin to be on these cops side making it fine based off unimportant info when our own get eliminated over unjustified s ***.'.

' Man on life itself I'm starting to trust law less n less. Come a yr from now everyone will require a gun for security. Why is it the black get the extreme treatment like damn. Makes me so mad. When he decide we had sufficient n battle back smhh ...' she composed on July 6, responding to the death of Alton Sterling.
After the shooting nevertheless, she revealed utter shock at her sibling's actions.

' I keep stating it's not real,' she wrote on Facebook on Friday. 'My eyes harmed from sobbing. Y him ??? And why was he downtown.'.

' The news will say exactly what they think however those that understood him understand this wasn't like him,' Johnson added in another post. 'This is the greatest loss we've had.'.

Dallas policeman Patrick Zamarripa, Michael Krol, Lorne Ahrens and Michael J. Smith, as well as DART Officer Brent Thompson, were killed by Johnson on Thursday night.

Johnson supposedly fired from an 'raised position', choosing off policemans 'ambush style,' Chief Brown stated, suggesting that the shooter had some tactical background. 'Some policemans were shot in the back,' he included.

Cops caught Johnson at El Centro College at around 11pm on Thursday and attempted to negotiate, however 4 hours later on the talks failed and a robot was generated to detonate a bomb and kill the suspect. This sought shots had actually called out at a formerly peaceful demonstration in downtown Dallas with demonstrators shrieking and running for their lives as police officers dropped dead one by one.

Johnson used body armor, which would recommend why a police was unable to eliminate him when he faced him in an one-on-one circumstance which was captured on camera. It resulted in the police being executed. He also brought an AR-15 assault rifle and a handgun, and several rounds of ammunition.

Throughout a search of his home, detectives found bomb making materials, ballistic vests, rifles, ammo and a personal journal of fight tactics.

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