BEWARE: This Woman, A US War Veteran, Is Out To Hunt & Capture Poachers

Kinessa Johnson, a United States Army veteran, has actually coordinated with VETPAW (Veterans Empowered To Protect African Wild animals), a non-profit company dedicated to safeguarding Africa's wild animals, to 'do some anti-poaching, eliminate some bad people, and do some good'.

Johnson, who served 4 years in Afghanistan as a weapons teacher and mechanic, signed up with VETPAW as an anti-poaching advisor in November 2014 and arrived with her team in Tanzania late March to train African park rangers with marksmanship, field medicine and counter-intelligence; patrol with them to provide support their neighborhoods; implement existing poaching laws; and educate the residents on securing their country's natural resources.

Africa has the biggest populations of threatened rhinos and elephants on the planet, and for that reason the top target location for poachers; revenue from the sale of items made from poached animals is frequently used to fund war and terrorism in Africa.

"We work side by side with park rangers and it's really a discovering experience for not only park rangers however also our group. Our intention is not to damage anyone; we're here to train park rangers so they can track and detain poachers and ultimately prevent poaching," stated Johnson.

"I'm a technical consultant to anti-poaching rangers so I patrol regularly with them as well as help in intelligence operations. Most of the time, anyone that is in a reserve with a weapon is thought of as a hazard and can be shot if rangers feel threatened. Our objective is to avoid trigger pulling through tactical motions and approaches of prevention," included Johnson, who has taken to Facebook to help raise funds and awareness for the cause.

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