Bernie Supporters Planning Huge GMO Labeling, Anti-TPP Rally at Philly Convention

While Bernie Sanders and his supporters have created one of the biggest grassroots political movements in recent years, the Democratic National Convention is still expected to be the site of Hillary Clinton’s coronation as the Democratic nominee (especially in light of over 20,000 freshly leaked emails reportedly showing that the DNC conspired to elect Clinton instead of the Vermont senator).

Clinton is one of the most pro-Monsanto and pro-GMO candidates in recent memory, but she will face stiff opposition from Sanders activists and supporters at the convention in Philadelphia on July 27, as several thousand people are expected to protest outside the Wells Fargo Center downtown.
(RSVP and learn more about the July 27 pro-Organic and GMO Free Protest here on Facebook)

The protest, dubbed the ‘We Are Seeds Rally to Stop TPP and Label GMOs Now!,’ is expected to include keynote speakers from the movement including Dave Murphy from Food Democracy Now!, Adam Eldinger of the Dr. Bronner’s organic soap company, Nomi Carmona from Babes Against Biotech, Margaret Flowers from Flush the TPP, and several others.

The purpose of the rally (save this link in your bookmarks to watch the event live beginning at noon on July 27) is to highlight injustices surrounding favoritism for GMOs, as well as establishment favoritism for Clinton over the highly popular Sanders.

The event organizers had this to say on the official Facebook page:
“Join us as we plant our feet firmly, and stand for the progressive changes we believe in…The establishment is trying to force feed us regressive (editor’s note: false and toothless labeling based on QR codes and voluntary standards) GMO Labeling and shove the TPP (editor’s note: a pro-GMO trade bill, learn more here) down our throats…”

“Stand with us as we reject the system the Oligarchy is selecting for us, against the will of the people at large. Our system is rigged and will stay rigged unless we fight back with our voices and presence in the streets of Philadelphia for the DNC. #SeeYouInPhilly”

While Clinton has routinely gone to bat for Biotech and GMOs, and has flip-flopped on the TPP (most believe she truly supports it), Sanders has remained firmly against Monsanto, at least in his public stances, and in favor of common sense mandatory GMO labeling.

He has been a strong supporter of mandatory text-based labeling in his home state of Vermont and recently appeared with Gov. Peter Shumlin for the signing of the state’s landmark July 1 labeling law (which is being threatened by the DARK Act; you can sign a petition for President Obama to veto the act here).

The pro-organic and pro-mandatory GMO labeling rally is expected to take place at FDR park in Zone 3, on the Main Stage, and is also expected to be one of several official rallies outside of the convention on behalf of mostly Bernie Sanders supporters.

For more information on the rally or to RSVP (only a few days left), you can click on this link (feel free to share with friends who may be interested in attending!).

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