Aquafina Admits That It's Selling Filtered Tap Water

The company's marketing of the serene mountain landscape is a far shot from the municipal water supply that they actually get their water from.

 Bottles of water from companies like Dasani and Aquafina have the label "P.W.S." indicating that the water is derived from the Public Water Supply - the same water supply that flows out of your tap.
In a rapid attempt at damage control, one unnamed Aquafina representative said that the extensive treatment process the water goes through makes it different than water that you filter on your own, but acknowledged it was municipal water.

For the most part, companies are not required to reveal where they are bottling or how much water is being taken from the environment.  These maps, below, indicate the drought level in April, 2015 and some bottling locations that were revealed.
Aquafina, and others, are pulling water directly out of the drought zone.

As reported by Jane Lazgin, a representative for Arrowhead, many of these water extraction sources are in drought ridden locations because that's where they've always operated. "You have to remember this is a 120-year-old brand [Arrowhead].  Some of these sources have long, long been associated with the brand.”

Despite the fact that they are pulling water out of the ground in places that need the water locally, there are questions as to whether privately sourced water is riskier to drink.  According to the World Wildlife Fund International, there "are more standards regulating tap water in Europe and the United States than those applied to the bottled water industry," adding that it is "no safer than tap water."

Next time you consider picking up a bottle of water for the convenience, remember the pollutants caused by discarding plastic bottles and, honestly, you can fill your own bottle out of the tap.  Just get a good filter.

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