A Staggering $58 Million Has Been Spent By Biotech To Buy The U.S. Senate: How Much Did Your Senator Go For?

Before packing up and heading home for the long, holiday weekend, our senators held a vote to stab the American people in the back. It’s not enough that the movement was rocked with the recent, explosive news of the Organic Traitors betrayal (read more about that here), but our representation has decided Monsanto’s blood money matters more than the demands of over 90% of this country calling for clear and concise, on-package labeling, not QR codes.

The Stabenow/Roberts bill is appalling. Dennis Kucinich, former U.S. Representative and tireless advocate for GMO labeling, summed it up perfectly with his statement on the ridiculous “compromise” bill.
“The U.S. Senate, through the munificent campaign contributions of the chemical and biotech industry, has brought forth a new anti-labeling bill aimed at squashing Vermont’s GMO labeling initiative…It’s not a labeling bill. There is no requirement for labeling in the bill. It is not mandatory. All provisions of the bill are optional.”
68 “yeas” and 29 “nays” later, and we are one step closer to the death of the labeling fight.

How did your senator vote on the Stabenow/Roberts bill? More importantly, how much were they paid to vote the way they did?

The “Yeas” (These People Need To Be Voted Out!!)

Alexander R-TN $980,283
Ayotte R-NH $235,956
Baldwin D-WI $160,709
Barrasso R-WY $207,250
Bennet D-CO $473,397
Blunt R-MO $2,069,365
Boozman R-AR $646,471
Brown D-OH $379,952
Burr R-NC $1,933,705
Capito R-WV $456,720
Carper D-DE $203,662
Casey D-PA $405,550
Cassidy R-LA $504,933
Coats R-IN $527,927
Cochran R-MS $2,333,394
Collins R-ME $596,291
Coons D-DE $86,858
Corker R-TN $664,527
Cornyn R-TX $1,688,149
Cotton R-AR $508,940
Crapo R-ID $1,170,466
Cruz R-TX $1,647,662
Daines R-MT $596,781
Donnelly D-IN $363,199
Enzi R-WY $350,502
Ernst R-IA $256,998
Feinstein D-CA $1,645,599
Fischer R-NE $536,262
Flake R-AZ $535,102
Franken D-MN $286,547
Gardner R-CO $946,349
Graham R-SC $1,131,590
Grassley R-IA $1,929,489
Hatch R-UT $725,633
Heitkamp D-ND $236,975
Heller R-NV $258,140
Hoeven R-ND $405,020
Inhofe R-OK $938,853
Isakson R-GA $1,227,649
Johnson R-WI $489,435
King I-ME $74,515
Kirk R-IL $718,270
Klobuchar D-MN $720,592
Lankford R-OK $226,040
Lee R-UT $77,950
McCain R-AZ $4,496,004
McCaskill D-MO $383,024
McConnell R-KY $3,373,204
Moran R-KS $2,284,551
Nelson D-FL $873,540
Perdue R-GA $489,830
Peters D-MI $238,147
Portman R-OH $1,011,940
Risch R-ID $367,154
Roberts R-KS $2,808,111
Rounds R-SD $258,600
Rubio R-FL $1,141,265
Sasse R-NE $329,935
Scott R-SC $403,300
Shaheen D-NH $167,474
Sessions R-AL $927,652
Shelby R-AL $843,957
Stabenow D-MI $1,565,978
Thune R-SD $1,900,160
Tillis R-NC $437,750
Toomey R-PA $682,904
Vitter R-LA $657,365
Wicker R-MS $789,690

$58,991,192. That is a hell of a lot of money to throw around to fight a basic right granted to countries all over the world.

Please pick up your phone and call as many senators on this list as you possibly can. Voice your outrage and insist that if these corrupt fools can’t do their job, they will lose it. QR codes are not labels. Plain and simple. Nothing less than Vermont’s precedent-setting, mandatory labeling standard will be accepted by the constituents of the U.S. Senate. Find senate contact information by clicking here.

We do have some heroes in our midst, willing to fight for our right to know what is in the food we feed our families. Please include thank you calls to these members of the Senate and encourage them to stay strong.

The “Nays”

1. Blumenthal D-CT
2. Booker D-NJ
3. Boxer D-CA
4. Cantwell D-WA
5. Cardin D-MD
6. Gillibrand D-NY
7. Heinrich D-NM
8. Hirono D-HI
9. Kaine D-VA
10. Leahy D-VT
11. Markey D-MA
12. Menendez D-NJ
13. Merkley D-OR
14. Mikulski D-MD
15. Murkowski R-AK
16. Murphy D-CT
17. Murray D-WA
18. Paul R-KY
19. Reed D-RI
20. Reid D-NV
21. Sanders D-VT
22. Schatz D-HI
23. Schumer D-NY
24. Sullivan R-AK
25. Tester D-MT
26. Udall D-NM
27. Warren D-MA
28. Whitehouse D-RI
29. Wyden D-OR

(Although the “nay” voters have received over $10 billion in campaign ‘donations’ from Big Ag, the money hasn’t been convincing enough to join in the annihilation of democracy being carried out by others.)

If you haven’t already, register to vote and get involved. It is up to the people to take back the power and we have an incredible opportunity to do so in November. Is your senator up for re-election this fall? Click here to find out.

(I know I personally will be voting against Mike Lee here in Utah come November. Go Misty Snow!)

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