5 Things Manipulators Say To Make You Feel Crazy!

Manipulators are frequently so incredible at what they do, you don't see them coming and you don't even recognize when you're being utilized, till it's too late. Those who make a habit out of manipulating others will go to great lengths to get the results they want, regardless of who they're injuring at the same time. In order to safeguard yourself from being manipulated and lied to, bear in mind of these five key phrases manipulators state making you feel insane:

1. "You're Misunderstanding Me"

When a manipulator feels near to being captured, they'll turn the tables to produce a sense of doubt. By informing you that you're the one who's confused, they're shifting the focus to your own insecurity. Manipulators thrive on producing unfavorable emotions. They feel delight when someone else is puzzled or distressed. If a manipulator utilizes this expression on you, be positive that you're not the one who is confused. Replay exactly what was said or done, to comprehend the manipulator's intent.

2. "You're Acting Crazy"

The only reason somebody calls another person crazy or unreasonable is to injure them. If a manipulator attacks you this way, they are once again aiming to produce a sense of self doubt. They desire you to become confused about your own response to what they have actually stated or done, to take the focus off of them and put it on you. This is a direct attack on you, in an effort to shift the blame.

3. "You're Too Sensitive"

No one wants to be controlled, lied to or used. However informing you that you're too delicate allows the manipulator to develop a sense of doubt, causing you to question yourself. Even if you are delicate, it does not provide them an excuse for how they have actually treated you. The reality is, sensitive people often fall prey to manipulators since they care for and are kind to others. If you understand you're on the sensitive side, be particularly cautious to avoid people with the incorrect objectives.

4. "I Don't Like Drama"

A manipulator may state this, but it is the exact opposite of the truth. Manipulators prosper on the drama and confusion they produce around them, however they're likewise able to conceal it. It can be tough to spot a manipulator for this reason, but ignore their words and focus on their actions. If a manipulator remains in your life, keep them at a safe range, and do not take their words at face value.

5. "You're Overthinking"

Manipulators are excellent at exactly what they do. Simply when you think you've caught them, they'll tell you that you're overthinking the situation, and you may simply believe them. This is another technique that manipulators utilize to create self-doubt. As hard as it might be to identify a manipulator, someone who really loves you or cares for you will not display these manipulative traits. If your gut informs you something is off, trust yourself enough to listen!

Enjoy the video listed below for 3 warning signs that you're dealing with a manipulator!

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