4 Disgusting Reasons Why You Should Avoid Farmed Fish!

The food industry has no lack of horrible tricks simply waiting to be discovered. In the past, we have actually spoken about tuna that isn't truly tuna, food that gives you brain worms, and Frankensteaks.

Today's topic is no less troubling, and it worries farmed fish, which Dr. Mercola describes as "among the most harmful foods worldwide."

Nicholas Daniel created a documentary called "Filet-Oh!- Fish" that takes a scathing take a look at the fish industry with video footage from fish farms all around the world. The scenes portrayed are a far cry from exactly what you see on programs like Deadliest Catch.

The documentary brings to light a number of needs to avoid farmed fish, which I will explore in information today.

Reason # 1-- Overcrowding

Norway has a huge presence in the worldwide fish industry. In addition to Canada, they control 92% of all salmon farms.

Which's pretty worrying when you think about the alarming state most Norwegian fish farms remain in.

A single salmon farm in Norway can hold more than 2 million fish in a very little space. A Norwegian research study found that this crowding stresses the fish, which affects their flesh quality.

One report found that salmon crowding typically results in fish having "humpbacks" and bleeding eyes.

Even further, as you can imagine, 2 million fish produce a lot of waste. This leads to illness that can spread rapidly due to the small area these fish are packed into. Pancreas Illness and Infectious Salmon Anemia Virus are two of the illness specifically common to Norway fish.

And salmon isn't the only fish that's overcrowded. UK trout is even worse; they're typically kept in areas that relate to roughly 27 trout being kept in a bath tub of water.

Reason # 2

The chemicals utilized in fish production damage both the environment and human beings.

It's not like the fish farming industry is doing nothing to avoid the spread of disease among their fish. They in fact use lots and tons of pesticides and chemicals.

As a result, Farmed and Dangerous says that fish farming is one of the most hazardous aquaculture processes. Open net cages are positioned in the ocean, which permits the chemicals and pesticides to seep into the various environments therein.

Even further, natural predators such as sea lions and seals die in large quantities when they eat the chemically laced farmed fish that manage to escape their pens.

Can you picture what these chemicals do to people?

You don't need to envision because it's well recorded. Mercury and nervous system-disrupting PCBs are just 2 of the chemicals in fish that hurt human beings, as PETA reports.

Reason # 3

The fish produced on farms are genetically altered.

Biotechnology is commonly used in the fish industry to produce what is called triploid fish. These fish are unable to reproduce, and their sexual maturity is delayed. This triggers a reduction in flesh quality as well as back deformities and low blood hemoglobin levels.

Even more, fish farms subject their salmon to sex turnarounds by hormonal agent treatment to make sure that just female fish are hatched. This optimizes profits; in the trout market alone, 10s of millions of eggs are produced each year in the UK.

Factor # 4

Fish farming is unbelievably inhumane.

As many as 110 billion farmed fish are slaughtered each year for human consumption. This does not include the fish that are used for bait or the predators that die after eating chemical-laden farmed fish.

The variety of salmon and trout killed in the UK alone exercises to more than the quantity of pigs, sheep, cattle and turkeys integrated that are slaughtered.

And while that number is shocking, what's really terrible is the way farmed fish are slaughtered. Usually, they are starved for about 7-10 days prior to they are killed.

Butchering techniques consist of suffocation on ice, which extends the suffocation process. Fish understand what's occurring to them for as many as 15 minutes after they're removed from the water.

5 years back, the UK Stock Welfare Council recommended that these treatments be banned, however they are still in wide use today.

And after that there's carbon dioxide sensational.

Fish are frequently put in a bath of carbon dioxide-saturated water that triggers them to surge around for about 30 seconds, after which they are still conscious even as their gills are being cut with a knife.

All of this information has actually led lots of specialists to state the need for reform in the fishing industry.

There is no scarcity of info readily available on the topic of how alarming the fish farming market has actually become. You can see the whole documentary “Filet-Oh!-Fish” below. It's disturbing, but you'll be happy you did:

For more information, take a look at the video below:

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