110-Year-Old Man Reveals 5 Foods That He Says Gave Him A Long Life

Meet Bernardo LaPallo. He's over 110 years old although most would believe he is 80 or perhaps more youthful. He has actually never ever been ill a day in his life, prevents specific foods like the plague, consumes a lot of organic fruits and vegetables, and frequently consumes these 5 foods, a secret handed downed to him by his father which he believes is the crucial to his longevity.

Bernardo puts it simply, "You are what you eat!"

His dad was a physician and lived to be 98 years of ages. In this video he exposes his tricks and the 5 foods that he states are responsible for his perfect health:

To keep his mind sharp and active he resolves crossword puzzles and read books. Have you ever seen somebody over 100 years old as alive and well as Bernardo? I sure have not.

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