10 Most Ridiculous Lies North Koreans Are Made To Believe

North Korea is an isolated dictatorship, so we are told on the outside.  But what are they told on the inside?  The answer to this question may have you reeling.

From calling Kim Jong-Il a fashion icon to the entire country believing he is magical; these things can get crazy.  Fortunatley, we've had compiled a list of some of these outright bizarre myths that have been perpetrated around the country to keep control of the people.

10. The U.S. Started The Korean War

9. Kim Jong-Il Had A Supernatural Birth

8. Kim Jong-il Is A Fashion Icon

7. Kim Jong-Il Is Loved And North Korea Is Envied All Over The World

6. Kim Jong-Il Invented The Hamburger

5. Kim Jong-Il Is The Best Natural Golfer & Bowler In The World

4. Kim Jong-Il Is Magical

3. Kim Jong-Il Cured Dwarfism

2. Kim Jong-Il Was Extraordinarily Gifted

1. Internet Access Is Not Allowed To Protect The West

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