What If Police Say They Smell Marijuana?

One of the hardest things to disprove, which can lead a police officer to a legal search of your vehicle, is the smell of marijuana.  If a cop says that he or she smells it, it is often for good reason.  There may be the occasional situation where an officer is making something up just to get your reaction, but if they smell it for real, stay calm.

So how do you deal with it?

#1.  Don't smoke pot in your car.  It's that simple; if you can't handle 
it, you've probably got a problem that needs to be examined.  If you carry pipes or joints on you, keep them sealed in one or two plastic bags so the smell doesn't corrupt your presence.

#2.  Stay calm.  Sometimes an officer may say they smell pot just to gauge your reaction.  A guilty look or stare may promote them to do a further investigation and may end in a search of the vehicle.

#3.  Do not consent to a search.  Regardless of how afraid you are, know your rights.  If they do not have legitimate, probable cause, they don't have a right to search you.  If a refusal results in your arrest or detention, fight it all the way.  Crooked cops have a stain that many judges can see.

Stay safe; treat it like a medicine and don't dose on the road.

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