What Could We Accomplish If We Stopped Spending Our Money On War?

The money invested in war in 2015 could have bought each homeless person in America a $1 million house. We thought it would be interesting to see exactly what else we could accomplish with the money that's feeding the military-industrial-complex and have actually put together a list listed below.

In 2015, $596 billion was spent by the U.S. on military expenditures. This is more than China, Saudi Arabia, Russia, U.K., India, and France combined. To put it into context:

Every Homeless Individual in America Might Have a $1 Million House

Let's begin with the findings. While it's safe to state homeless individuals would not be offered "million-dollar" houses even if it were possible, the point to eliminate from this is that with the cash invested in war, they in theory could be. In January of 2015, the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development, or HUD, reported that there were 564,708 homeless individuals in the States on any given night. This suggests each of those homeless citizens might have their own million-dollar home, and there would still be cash left over.

Quality Health Care Might Be Free For All Americans Living in Poverty

According to Politifact, more than 46 million Americans are residing in poverty, and in other reports, "excellent health care" for an American costs an average of $8,233 per individual, annually. The fact about Medicaid (healthcare help for low-income residents) is that individuals are not receiving the appropriate care they need

Due to decreased payment rates, receivers frequently have a difficult time discovering a medical professional that will accept them, requiring numerous to rely on overcrowded ER's and non-emergency care. Patients frequently receive inferior care, are assigned to cosmetic surgeons with less skill, receive the poorest post-operative instructions, and generally, Medicaid clients suffer worse outcomes from treatments similar to those carried out on clients with real health insurance, or no insurance coverage at all.

Another major issue with treatment in America is that, like everything else, it's ended up being a market whose very first priority is in profits. Even with present expenses, however, the cash invested on war might make sure all Americans have access to premium healthcare.

College Might Be Tuition Free

According to numerous reports, around $60 billion is invested in college tuition annually-- that's 10% of what goes to the military-industrial-complex. Since today, colleges in the States might be tuition totally free, and the U.S. federal government would still have enough left over to be the top military-spender. Picture how fast we would advance, and what we might accomplish in the future, if all Americans had access to a greater education.

World Hunger Might Be Eradicated

According to reports from 2013, the United Nations approximated it would cost $30 billion a year to end world hunger. This is actually just 5% of exactly what the U.S. spends a year on war. The United States might win the affection of the whole world by enhancing the lives of human beings all over, however rather the tradition we are leaving is among death and damage.

So there it is; just a few of the many things our hard-earned tax dollars might be made use of for besides war. There's going to come a day when citizens will have to choose if compromising our health and joy deserves everything.

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