Trump Receives His Biggest Endorsement Yet....From North Korea!

Trump got maybe his highest profile endorsement yet-- and its a beauty. Using such words to explain him as "a prescient presidential candidate" and "a smart prospect" who might restore relations with foreign nations, coming straight from the top of Democratic Peoples Republic of North Korea; President Kim Jung Un has announced his recommendation for Donald Trump.

As reported by Reuters, the statement originated from the propagandist state news paper DPRK Today. "It ends up that Trump is not the rough-talking, screwy, ignorant prospect they state he is, but is actually a wise political leader and a prescient presidential prospect" composes writer Han Yong Muk, a Chinese native working for the paper.

From the point of view of the individuals of North Korea, the paper also checks out that "America is living every minute and second on pins and needles in fear of a nuclear strike [by North Korea]" Hinting that the reason our leaders set policy to not talk with North Korea is since they (America) are scared to do so. The paper goes on to state that "settlements not War" is necessary for America to avoid their own death.

If you were uninformed, previously last May, Donald Trump states he would do exactly what no President has done recently, he would have conversations with Kim Jung Un. As Reuters reported last May 18th, "I would speak to him, I would have no issue talking to him." In other speeches Trump stated he would attempt to make China accountable for North Korea's actions, he would put them in charge of the circumstance and would try making North and South Korea "trade partners" to boost their economies.

At the same time in China, leading members of the Chinese government have been quoted as stating that "he (Trump) would not be entitled to world leadership" and the election of somebody like Donald Trump would end America as a world leader.

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