The Biggest Moneymaker Of All Time: Cancer And Why The Profiteers Don’t Want A Cure

Individuals wail, sob, and question why him/ her, how could this happen to a kid? Immeasurable grief.

Yet the answers are rather clear: people are unwittingly exposed to far too many chemicals on their food, in their water, their clothing-- even when purchasing a brand-new vehicle. That new vehicle smell? Significant cancer causing chemicals that have actually been utilized to treat the brand-new leather and the rugs in their new car. And individuals get in and snort it like they smelled an arrangement of flowers.

Food sprayed with chemicals to make them last? Preservatives. At one time, you might not patent food. Yet we now have a trademarked soybean. So Monsanto can benefit. This fooling around and injecting chemicals in food has actually got to stop!

This is why you need to demand that food be labeled GMO! Go California!

Even brand-new clothing has actually been treated with chemicals that can permeate into the body and wreak havoc specifically in children. Not to mention the pesticides that are utilized on your food. What is really intriguing is how lots of people from Monsanto wind up working for the FDA. The FDA is supposed to protect US residents from toxins, right? Do enough of your own research and the more you find out the more outraged you will become. This is what is indicated by the wolf safeguarding the henhouse. They eat healthy, sure. And you can guarantee the ranch they don't consume the food they offer.

Dr Max Gerson, who in 1938 made a shocking discovery that his safe natural treatment for cancer patients held enormous promise. He was helping people getter better by using something that was;t able to be patented-- vegetables. At this time in history, an expense was appropriated for 100 million dollars to anyone who might show promise and leads to dealing with cancer. Dr Gerson in 1946 presented 5 terminal cases and 5 additional patients' records showing his reliable treatment and remedy of all these cases. Well, guess what? The Pepper-Neely bill was defeated by four senators who were medical doctors.

Also of note, radio commentator Raymond Gram Swing who was in the space, was as astonished as any of the others and made a broadcast that night detailing these events and Gerson's efficient treatment. Two 2 weeks later on, Swing was fired from his job.

The following video is life changing. The angel Charlotte Gerson is still alive and living in San Diego.

Gerson passed away in 1959, eulogized by long-time good friend, Albert Schweitzer M.D.:

I see in him one of the most eminent geniuses in the history of medicine. Many of his basic ideas have been adopted without having his name connected with them. Yet, he has achieved more than seemed possible under adverse conditions. He leaves a legacy which commands attention and which will assure him his due place. Those whom he has cured will now attest to the truth of his ideas.

Dozens of treatments have actually reoccured and have simply as quickly been termed "ineffective". When a specific encounters a pathogen (virus, germs, fungus) their immunomodulators in their brain kick in to use and various self-preservation occasions occur. One of the first is a fever. Nearly all pathogens work best at 98.6, or normal body temperature.

The aspirin business have persuaded the public that a fever is bad. "We've got to break the fever" " if it gets too high we might trigger mental retardation". And so this is drilled into caring parents' minds and they immediately freak and begin giving aspirin.

The body understands what it is doing and we interfere. Because we have a degree from a prominent school and a stethoscope around our neck-we know much better. But the fever is developed making a bad quality environment for the bacterium, and eventually kill it off.

Instead, the aspirin, or Tylenol, does lower the temperature sometimes and the pathogen can now flourish.

The following was written by a medical physician and originates from The Cancer Prevention Union: The verdict is unassailable. The American Cancer Society bears a major responsibility for losing the winnable war against cancer. Reforming the ACS is, in principle, relatively easy and directly achievable. Boycott the ACS. Instead, give your charitable contributions to public interest and environmental groups involved in cancer prevention. Such a boycott is well overdue and will send the only message this “charity” can no longer ignore. The Cancer Prevention Coalition (chaired by the author) in April 1999 formally announced a nationwide campaign for an economic boycott of the ACS .


The American Cancer Society has close connections to the mammography industry. Five radiologists have worked as ACS presidents, and in its every relocation, the ACS reflects the interests of the major makers of mammogram devices and films, consisting of Siemens, DuPont, General Electric, Eastman Kodak, and Piker. In reality, if every female were to follow ACS and NCI mammography guidelines, the yearly income to healthcare facilities would be a shocking $5 billion, consisting of a minimum of $2.5 billion for premenopausal females. Promos of the ACS continue to entice females of all ages into mammography centers, leading them to think that mammography is their best hope against breast cancer. A leading Massachusetts paper featured a photograph of two females in their twenties in an ACS ad that guaranteed early detection leads to a remedy "nearly One Hundred Percent of the time." An ACS communications director, questioned by journalist Kate Dempsey, responded in a post published by the Massachusetts Women's Community's journal Cancer:

The ad isn't really based on a research. When you make an advertisement, you just say what you can to get women in the door. You exaggerate a point ... Mammography today is a lucrative [and] highly competitive business.

The way ladies are treated when they have a mammography is deplorable. The tender, delicate bust is jostled around, approximately dealt with and positioned in the device to get the x-ray. The already mad area (angry with cancer cells) is now irritated even more, enhancing the probability and possibility of cells spreading to other parts of the body.

Not just that, the growth has a capsule around it. All the rough motion of the bust only assists to disrupt this capsule and enhance spreading out or metastasis. Want a little bit more irritation? Let's biopsy the location. A needle is penetrated the balloon and cells eliminated. Don't you know there will be some leakage of the cells contained in that capsule?

Lung cancer and esophageal cancers too, are extremely financially rewarding. It is one of the more tough cancers to deal with. There are miraculous stories about using Hydrogen Peroxide in the appropriate type to alleviate the body with oxygen.

Madison Cavanaugh has composed a book called The One Minute Remedy detailing the efficiency of Hydrogen Peroxide on numerous illness. Get the book.

To be clear, Hydrogen Peroxide should be Food Grade, indicating NOT WHAT YOU PURCHASE IN THE GROCERY STORE. You must find food grade at 35% and then dilute it to 3%. What they offer in the brown bottle has preservatives in it and is not intended for internal use.

Cancer despises oxygen. It also loves 98.6. And it likes fat. It's nirvana for the cancer cells. Cancer likewise has a distinct ability to do exactly what is called angiogenesis-- it makes it's own capillary to bring more blood and more food to feed it's crazy appetite. It has this hunger because it is making cells at such a fast pace.

Sugar is best fuel for cancer. High fructose corn syrup is a kind of sugar that is ideal, as the high mitotic rate (cell division and tumor development) requires energy.

So here we have the "perfect storm" - you take a body, make it overweight-- eat poor quality food with all type of chemicals in the food and expose that individual to fluoride in water, or vaccinations (additional cancer triggering chemicals), air contamination, barbecued food (additional carcinogens) nitrates and nitrites, pre-owned smoke, etc and voila! You have a great capacity to develop cancer.

Not everyone takes the cheese of conventional treatment however, since there are alternatives to alleviating even hard esophageal cancer as confirmed by this next video:

Growths-- Let's claim you were away when you came house your home was very hot. You go to the thermostat an turn on the air conditioning system. Nothing takes place.

Would you then rip the thermostat out of the wall, believing, "Well that should fix it" ?

Naturally not. This is exactly what we do when we cut out a tumor. The growths function simply might be a "thermostat" a method to determine the existence of illness. What if the tumor was just a sign and not an indication of impending death?

In many cases, when treated successfully, there are reports of growths diminishing and vanishing.

So exactly what we do in America, we cut the tumor out. And the wonderful surgeon informs the household "I believe we got it all". Considering that cells are so vastly little, how could anyone, even with a microscopic lense know for sure that they "got it all?" There is not a doctor on earth that could know for 100% sure they were able to "get it all".

As a matter of truth, what if the growths in fact served a purpose and functioned as indicators to tell us whether improvement is happening? After all, unless the tumor is pressing on an air passage or blood vessel, why gamble and cut a person open who is currently in a challenged state? And leave them prone to infection. Lots of people die from secondary infections due to the immunosuppresion of their bodies induced by the side results of chemotherapy. The radiation kills healthy cells. Cancer does not make hair fall out; radiation does that. And poor appetite triggering bad nourishment? Brought on by the drugs. So how can a body stay healthy if they are not getting correct nutrition?

This does not have to be. This is exactly where Dr Gerson was going. Remove the irritants (bad food, poor quality fluoridated water, fats, and sugars) and present components the body can use to eliminate with-clean water-a healthy liver-vegetables-nutrients, and proper health can be brought back.

This is a little tasting of extraordinary options to fight cancer. The reason hemp is illegal? Henry Ford many years ago said we ought to be using hemp for almost anything you can imagine-- more and better usage than leveling all the trees and insulting the earth with mining. Greed is why hemp is outlawed. It is an extremely effective option to a number of health issue.

Rick Simpson in his video Run From the Cure discusses his very efficient treatment for cancer, hemp oil.

The suppression of this info is criminal.

Please check out Death By Medicine. Gary Null PhD, Carolyn Dean MD ND Martin Feldman MD, Debora Rasio MD, Dorothy Smith PhD

This is not about bad mouthing anyone. There are much better things to do with time. It is about exposing the fact. There are numerous fine, caring doctors. When an individual experiences a trauma from a mishap, an extreme laceration, by all methods, of course you need medical treatment. Let's not blend empathy with revenue. Medication began out based on compassion. First, do no harm, right? We should avoid exactly what we alleviate? Where are we now? Big Pharma sends their beautiful reps to medical professionals' offices to encourage them of how they need to be getting more people on this drug or that one, regardless of negative effects. It's for profit and it is awful and unfortunate.

Be mindful of your rights; do not be pestered or frightened into doing what "everyone else is doing" only to wind up a number. Do your research study now while you're healthy. Don't wait till you are in a crisis mode. Stay healthy. Grow your own vegetables. Consume purified water. Take nutrients. Concern authority.

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