New Robot Machine Folds Laundry In Less Than 1 Minute, Sells For $850

The 'Foldimate' robot not just folds laundry, it steams, fragrances, softens, and sterilizes it.

If you're the kind of person who hates folding laundry, a new robot may soon take over the task for you.

The FoldiMate, dubbed "Your Laundry Folding friend" on the FoldiMate site, is designed to do what many people hate. Additionally, it will do a much better job than you can.

Undoubtedly, it is the peak of laziness, but it's still an outstanding invention. The robot folds laundry at all the right angles, in addition to steams, perfumes, softens, and sterilizes it. All one requires to do is clip their garment to the incorporated rack, inform the device what sort of clothes it is, and the FoldiMate will do the rest.

When the machine hits the marketplace in 2018, it will retail at roughly $850. For that reason, don't stop folding your laundry too soon!

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