Keep Bugs Away With A Non-Toxic Mason Jar Repellent

Do pesky insects bother you throughout summer? Hate those nasty chemical pesticides? Well we have a great all natural solution for you. Follow the steps below to be bug-free just by using relatively cheap and natural ingredients!

 What You Will Need:

4 Jars.
10 drops of the following oils each (40 in total);
Essential oils
2 fresh lemons and limes.
8 sprigs fresh rosemary.
Floating organic beeswax candles  

Now Put These Great, Natural Ingredients Together:

Add two shoots of rosemary to each jar.
Fill each jar 3/4 up with water.
Add the above mentioned oils and swish them around.
Place a slice of lemon and lime into each jar.
Place a floating light candle on top.

After approximately 48 hours of use these jar will lose their effectiveness. You will then have to replace them following the same method as above to create your new repellent.


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