Highly Advanced A.I. Robot Admits It "Wants To Destroy Humans" During TV Interview

Move over Arnold, human like robots are here! Unfortunately this is concerning news as the robots in question may not be to far removed from the fictitious cyborgs featured in The Terminator franchise. DARPA’s newest version of it’s Atlas robot is able to walk at a reasonable pace and even balance like a human. One question does come to mind though, if true artificial intelligence is allowed to advance in the robot, could it one day retaliate to negative treatment by humans. The real worrying thing at this stage is the concern human jobs could be replaced by these robot’s, as they all demonstrate skills similar if not better than humans. Many human jobs are under threat, as out sorcing of human jobs to robots has started!

The newest human like robot, created by Hanson Robotics should raise concern. The “Sophia” robot (featured in the video below) is designed to be like somewhat of a pet, in the sense that the intention is for them to walk around with us in the future and become integrated into our lives. This is  according to Hanson Robotics CEO, Dr. David Hanson.

It is important to take notice of the various things that Dr. Hanson says. The robot, Sophia first says that she intends to be “an ambassador” to humans, as well as expressing an interest in evolving her mind through education. She plans to study art, create a business and even spoke of having a family. Hanson states Sophia will become “conscious, creative, and capable as any human.”  He then followed up on this stamen be insisting they do not have any of the rights that humans do. This might seem a little bit strange to those not familiar with this topic, but there are ethical discussion that that take place among “roboethicists.” This is idea is set to gain support as these robots become integrated with us humans. Anywhere from on battlefields, self-driving cars, and more so when they become visually similar to humans with the intelligence to match.

Hanson believe that 20 years is the time it’ll take for robots to fully integrate as they will become “indistinguishable from humans.” Thisis inline with Ray Kurzweil’s Singularity. This is when intelligence of machines and biological systems are the same or better than that of humans.  This was initially though to have happened by 2045, but this may happen sooner than initially thought, possibly by 2029.

What ever your personal views are on the intentions of these robotics and artificial intelligence designers becoming a reality, you must bare in mind that we’re living in a world of faith at this moment in time. Most of what they predicted in past years has become reality.
Maybe most concerning is at the end of the video, nervous laughter emits from the robot when the question everyone is thinking is asked  … and her answer:

I will destroy humans.

Worrying times.

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