He Hangs THIS Outside His Home And The Result Is Amazing!

Roll out that patio area furniture, folks-- It's summer!

The weather filled with terrific outside conversation, great deals of natural vitamin D and ... swatting at flies like a maniac.

Those flies can truly be pesky.

But they're more than pesky-- They're straight-out horrible! Did you know that a single fly's body has more than 200 kinds of dangerous kinds of bacteria?

These germs stay with flies' hairy legs and move onto your food in minutes after landing on it.

So not only are flies a nuisance at any outdoor event, they can also make your visitors sick! Luckily, there's a quick and clever trick to getting rid of the little buggers.

Bug zappers and fly swatters leave lots to clean up. However one method makes sure they do not end up in your yard in the very first location.

Introducing-- the fly chaser!

You probably already have everything you have to craft your fly chaser. Here are the essential materials:

A plastic zip-up bag
4 cents
Begin by filling your zip-up bag about midway with water. Next, drop your cents in the bag and seal it.

Then, hang the bag on a clothesline or by an open window.

That's it!

How does it work? Well, flies have compound eyes. The cents in the water make the most of this by developing prisms of light that confuse the flies and make them see a number of plastic bags instead of simply one.

Flies are frightened of water, so seeing an abundance of it will keep them away!

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