Flint Residents Told It’s Illegal To Sue the Government For Poisoning Their Water

The state of Michigan and local Flint officials poisoned Flint’s water supply and gave residents no option but to consume it, since there were no competing water suppliers to which they could turn.

Now, since the story garnered national headlines, innocent federal taxpayers are looking like the ones who will have to pay the cleanup bill.

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder was at first allocated only $5 million to help Flint residents buy water filters and bottled water. But as the story of the lead-poisoned city swept headlines across the nation, President Obama authorized another $80 million.

But the reality is that if the people of Flint had sued a private corporation for doing the same thing to their water, they would have gotten a lot more money than this.

But there’s only one problem: they aren’t allowed to sue the government – even when that government poisons them.

GM had to pay $35 million to NHTSA (National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration) as well as $900 million to the Justice Department in penalties all due to the faulty switch in its 2005 Cobalt.

That switch was linked to 125 deaths and 250 injuries.

In addition to that, GM recalled and fixed all the 2.6 million vehicles in question. In total, they paid out $1.5 billion.

Toyota paid $1.6 billion to all Toyota owners for the loss of the resale value of their cars that were effected by sudden acceleration. Compare that to what the federal government is pledging to Flint residents – and realize that they can get away with this because it is illegal to sue them, even when they monopolize the water and poison it.

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