Coke To Pull Products From Stores To Comply With GMO Law

You may not find as many Coca-Cola products in Vermont stores starting next week because of the new GMO  labeling law.

They say Coke is "The Real Thing," but it's made with genetically-modified ingredients, and in order to be sold in Vermont after July 1st, Coke and other sodas like it would have to have a label warning consumers.

Coca-Cola is advising stores that some of its products, like individual cans and bottles, will no longer be available.

A large percentage of products in grocery stores are made with GMOs and it's still unclear how many manufacturers will add labels. Campbell's, Kellogg's, ConAgra and General Mills are among the companies that will. But the Vermont Retail and Grocers Association estimates about ten-percent of products will be pulled from Vermont stores. 

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