Awesome Zoo Where The People Are Caged And The Animals Walk Freely!

Zoo’s all over the world get more negative publicity every day. If it is not an incident with a gorilla it is the horrific conditions of the animals enclosures.

Sadly enough, the animals cannot be put back into the wild where they belong since the majority is born in captivity. They won’t be able to survive on their own since they lack several essential skills wild animals do posses. Many of the animals represent their species as ambassadors and they teach us a lot. Certain zoo’s also have reproduction programs, to help keep endangered species alive.

Of course it can be argued that we are the reason that many species are endangered today.

It comes to the point now that we have to make the best we can of the situation we have created. Many zoo’s could really use an upgrade and this alternative is one option to consider.

A zoo in China called Lehe Ledu decided to turn roles around. In this wildlife zoo, the animals roam freely and the people are trapped in cages. The visitors drive around in caged vehicles.
You can compare it slightly to a safari but the experience is completely different.

The selection of animals exists today out of lions, bears and several tigers, Bengal and whites. The animals come a lot closer than they would on average in a safari. Chunks of meat hang at the back of the vehicle to lure the animals closer. The visitors even get a chance to feed them in the wire mesh cage through special feeding holes.

Entering the park is at own risk, it is most definitely advised to keep your hands and fingers within the cage at all times. But that does not stop the visitors for coming. After the opening in 2015, the tickets were sold out for the following 3 months. Apparently the people loved the combination of adrenaline and the fact the animals roam freely.

What do you think? Would you visit a zoo like this?

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