5 Easy Ways To Spot Someone With Hidden Motives

Individuals enter our lives for various reasons. Some leave a positive mark, while others are surrounded by negative thoughts. Real good friends can be tough to find. People with hidden motives are frequently able to hide their self-centered programs well, and we do not recognize how they've utilized us or what they have actually taken from us, up until it's too late.

Here are 5 methods to find someone with concealed motives in order to secure yourself from being manipulated:

1. You Notice Unusual Body Language and Eye Contact

Those with concealed motives make a habit out of lying. Liars will aim to stay cool, calm and picked up, however their body language and eye contact can give them away. They will appear uneasy, have a tough time looking you in the eye, and may be fidgety. Excessive blinking is likewise an indication of lying. It appears as though the liar is trying to clear the cloud over their eyes that is keeping them from being sincere.

2. They Always Seem to Discuss the Exact same Thing

While people with covert motives may have the ability to slither their method into your life, as they become more needy or annoyed, it will show. Whatever their real agenda is, they'll likely bring it up every time you're together. They'll keep speaking about what they desire or exactly what they desire you to do, aiming to convince you that it's a great idea. Rather than giving in, let them know that you will not break. To do this in a subtle way, change the subject as many times as needed.

3. You Have a Negative Gut Feeling About Them

While we frequently brush off that little voice all of us have inside our heads, it's usually best. After you've completed talking to or hanging out with a manipulative individual, you might feel disappointed, baffled and misunderstood. If you have a suspicion that something is off, don't overlook it. One way to identify somebody with concealed intentions is how that person makes you feel. If you experience negative feelings after speaking to this person, it's an indication that shouldn't be overlooked.

4. They Utilize Techniques to Convince You

People with hidden intentions live like they are playing an online game. Their objective is to manipulate you, in order to win and get exactly what they want. They'll likely use different techniques of persuasion, and if you look closely, you'll begin to see the theme of their game. Do not let yourself get drawn in. Focus on their efforts at manipulation, however choose not to act.

5. You Are Never the Focus of the Discussion

Manipulative individuals are just focused on exactly what they desire and how they are getting it. They might claim to be interested in you or your personal life, however somehow the discussion always turns to them and their requirements. Once you recognize that somebody in your life has hidden motives, you can decide to cut the negative thoughts out of your life, or just clarify and inform them that you aren't going to do what they want. Someone with a concealed agenda will have no problem utilizing you, injuring you or extracting from you, so it's best to keep that person out of your life.

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