Why Aren't We Funding This!? The World Priority List Allows You To Have Your Say And Vote

Here's a fantastic idea! 

I was stumbling through kickstarter looking for exciting new projects and I came across this little gem. These people want to create the world's first priority list, and it's a wonderful idea because we don't currently have one. They aim to create an app available on all platforms that allows anyone to log in and cast their vote on what they think the number 1 problem in the world currently is, then all the other users of the app get to vote on their claim, and offer solutions, which are also voted on. 

So for example, if someone said "Money" is the number one problem with the world right now, and most people agreed, then it would rise to the top of the list where more people would see it and it would have many solutions offered in a thread below it. The ramifications of this project could be HUGE. If we can all have access to something like this and have our say, perhaps things will start getting fixed a lot faster. I truly believe this will be a great asset for our planet and I encourage anyone that can help to do what you can to make this a reality. 

Here's a link to the kickstarter project if you want to check it out or share the idea around. I would love to see this made:

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