WARNING: The Reason You Should Never Reboil Water!

You may have experienced this problem before, you boil your electric kettle and then for what ever reason you get side tracked. When you eventually find the time to make your hot drink, the water in the kettle has gone cold. You might find it easier to just reboil the water as the kettle is already full, but we advise you not to as you could be doing yourself a great deal of harm.  

Why Is It so bad to reboil water? 

They should really be teaching this to us in school but for some reason they don’t. When water is boiled it’s chemistry changes, Normally this is an ideal way to purify it to make it safe to drink as the boiling process removes volatile compounds and dissolves gases. 

Although if water is boiled for an extended period of time or if it’s reboiled, it causes further chemical changes and this can be extremely harmful. Leaving to boil or reboiling causes and excessive concentration of most of the harmful chemicals found in water. 

Even minerals that are normally healthy for our bodies become toxic when concentrated.  An example of this  is calcium salt, this compound can cause kidney stones and gallstones when greater than normal amounts are ingested 

The harmful substances found in reboiled water

  1. Arsenic

“Drinking-water poses the greatest threat to public health from arsenic,” states The World Health Organization (WHO).

Ingesting excessive amounts of arsenic can cause arsenic toxicity, this can cause physical effects to manifest. Time frames for which all depend on level of exposure.

Arsenic toxicity can cause conditions such as peripheral neuropathy, gastrointestinal symptoms, skin lesions, diabetes, renal systems effects, cardiovascular disease and various forms of cancer.

2. Nitrates

Nitrates are found naturally, in soil, water, and air. But even though it’s naturally occurring it can become toxic  when used as a food preservative, like in the case of cured meats, or when subjected to high temperatures e.g boiling water.

When nitrates are subjected to high temperatures, they convert to nitrosamines, these are known carcinogens.

Nitrates have been linked to various diseases these include leukemia, non-Hodkin lymphoma & various forms of cancer.

3. Fluoride

Extensive studies have been carried out over fluoride. This is the chemical added to drinking water and it could be a threat to your health. Despite mounting evidence of the adverse effects that fluoride has on health, the government still insists it’s safe.

Harvard University took data from just under 30 studies that were carried out over a 22 year period. Their findings linked fluoride exposure to negative effects on children’s neurological and cognitive function and development. These results were published in the journal of Environment Health Sciences and concluded fluoridation of water resulted in lower IQ scores.  

Another study completed in 2013 links fluoride to lower fertility rates in male mice.

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