This Woman Made "Weight Loss Fun" And Lost Nearly 100 Pounds

Kacey Lauchnor is a 26 year old graphic designer from Herriman, Utah. She admits her family weren’t the healthiest of eaters. "If we ever ate a vegetable, it was covered in cheese," she said. Her unhealthy eating carried on through college and up to and beyond her wedding. By 2012, Kacey who is only 5’6” weight a very unhealthy 232 pounds. "I knew I was getting fat," she said. "But I still thought, I'm not that fat."

Kacey’s wake up call was came in the form of her husband being denied life insurance due to his size, due to him  weighing 314 pounds. After this Kacey went on a health kick, she signed them for a variety of workout classes. "It was hard at first but a lot of fun," she said. "It was always something different—cardio, lunges, squats, kickboxing." The couple kept up the hard work and by August 2014, she weighed just over 150 pounds. and before the Christmas period of 2014 she had dropped to 140 pounds, she admits this was the first time she saw that figure for a while!  Her husband also managed to lose a respectable 85 pounds.

According to Kacey, this his how she was able to achieve her goals:

Think of your plan and write it down. "Willpower doesn't happen in the moment. Always make food decisions—like what you'll eat for lunch—ahead of time so you're not tempted in the moment." •  understand when your body is full. "As I started to focus on eating more slowly, I began to naturally notice when I felt like stopping." •  Find exercise/activities that are enjoyable for you . "If your workout feels like suffering, try something else.”

Kacey has had amazing results from her plan. The good news is that this plan can be easily replicated and can be tailored to and individual’s needs. 

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