This Irish Isle Will Welcome People Fleeing Trump With "A Hug And A Pint"

Inishturk, Ireland-- A radio DJ from Canada's Cape Breton Island first presented the concept of havens for Americans seeking escape from a Donald Trump presidency-- today Ireland is joining in with its own offer for possible future expats.

Inishturk, a remote Irish Isle located 9 miles off County Mayo, has decided to court the potentially disillusioned sector of the United States people with an open-armed offer to offer a safe place to live if the idea of a Trump presidency is too much to bear.

In the middle of a bothersome population decline, Inishturk wants to make sure a successful future, which neighborhood leaders feel might be accomplished by ending up being a sanctuary for those leaving the troubled U.S. political system.

“I’ve heard there are quite a few people in America looking to move to Ireland and other countries if Donald Trump becomes president. I’d like them to know that we’d love to see them consider moving over here,” explained Mary Heanue, Inishturk's development policeman, as IrishCentral reported.

Inishturk has a beneficial interest in bringing in brand-new citizens to become part of its now-tiny neighborhood.

“Our big concern is employment and trying to encourage families to move over here because the population is declining,” said Heanue. “The island featured on an Irish TV documentary last year which gave us great publicity and a good few extra bookings. But we ended up having a terrible summer and a lot of people canceled.”

An increase of people would be more than welcome considering 58 long-term residents now live on the remote Irish station-- and with just three students participating in the island's main school, incredible student-teacher ratios might easily be a draw.

“They’d be given a huge welcome and they’d find this is a fantastic place to live and to bring up children,” Heanue continued. “Their kids would probably get the best education anywhere in the country too, because the teacher to pupil ratio is nearly one-on-one.”

Inishturk isn't really all rainbows, blue skies, and unicorns, however. As Heanue cautioned, “Although winters can be hard and it’s the kind of life that wouldn’t necessarily suit everyone, they’d find it very peaceful here and they’d soon find out there’s nowhere as nice in the world on a summer’s day than here.”

A number of Twitter users published enticing pictures of the skies as seen from the Irish island, and IrishCentralpublished a "guide on moving to Ireland in case Donald Trump is elected," detailing the actions needed for obtaining visas or citizenship.

It deserves noting Inishturk's offer likely isn't limited to Trump escapees-- the island's desire for brand-new homeowners suggests it would happily accommodate those looking for sanctuary from a Hillary Clinton-headed United States, also.

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