This Amazing Futuristic "Straddling Bus” Can Drive Itself Over Cars! Here's How It Works [Watch]

The "straddling bus" is part mass transportation, part tunnel.

Beijing-based company Transit Explore Bus just recently unveiled its latest idea design for its straddling colossus at the 19th International High Tech Exposition in Beijing last weekend. The designer's primary objective is to relieve road blockage, which comes as excellent news to a quickly urbanized countries whose population is quickly verging on 1.4 billion individuals.

The futuristic design is 60 meters (200 feet) long and nearly 8 meters (26 feet) broad. The design permits any automobiles less than 2 meters (7 feet) tall to take a trip underneath, whether it is moving or fixed.

It might all appear like an accident waiting to take place, however a few cities have actually already expressed an interest in developing the technology, Xinhua News Firm reports. So far, the bus remains an idea. However, they will finish building a working prototype in Changzhou, eastern China, sometime after late July.

The bus is able to bring as much as 1,400 travellers at a speed of 60 kilometers (37 miles) per hour. Along with reducing the congestion of dynamic roadway networks, the company also hopes to bring some relief to China's smoggy skies.

The size of the vehicle suggests it could replace about 40 standard buses. Considering that it's created to be powered by electrical energy, it has the potential to save over 800 tonnes (880 lots) of fuel annually, minimizing 2,480 tonnes (2,730 US lots) of carbon emissions.

Moreover, it is substantially more affordable than a subway train system and requires relatively less building or maintenance.

Examine it out in all its futuristic glory listed below, in addition to a rather cool small design of the design.

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