There Is Only 1 Mistake In This Picture! Can You Find It In 5 Seconds?

It’s not uncommon for easy and obvious mistakes to go unnoticed. Here’s a great example of this and heres the reason why. Words that are similar are often mixed up such as to and too or their and there. 

Let play a little game when your ready, can you spot the mistake in main image? Give yourself 5 seconds to do this. You’ll kick yourself if you don’t get it…..

OK scroll down for the answer

As can probably see now (red circles help) this simple mistake can be made and not easily spotted as the “the”s are on different lines, bright colors on the numbers add to the confusion too. As they distract the brain. 

On a side note, did anybody spot the deliberate typo in this article? Scroll back and see where the word “your” was used incorrectly, how many of you noticed that?

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