The Venus Project: One World With No Governments. Could It Work?

The Venus Project suggests an alternate vision of what the future should be if we apply exactly what we currently know, in order to achieve a lasting new world civilization. It calls for an uncomplicated redesign of our culture in which the olden inadequateness of war, hardship, hunger, financial obligation as well as unneeded human suffering are viewed not only as avoidable, yet as absolutely unacceptable. Anything much less will cause a continuation of the exact same variety of problems fundamental in today's world.

The strategies of The Venus Project deal society a more comprehensive range of choices based upon the clinical possibilities routed toward a brand-new period of peace and sustainability for all. Through the application of a global Resourced Based Economic climate, as well as a multitude of innovative and eco-friendly modern technologies directly put on the social system, The Venus Project propositions will dramatically reduce criminal offences, hardship, hunger, homelessness, and also many other pushing troubles that prevail throughout the world today.

Among the cornerstones of the organization's research fin dinging is that a lot of the useless behaviors these days's society stem directly from the dehumanizing setting of a monetary system. Additionally, automation has actually resulted in the technological replacement of human labor by machines, as well as ultimately most people will not have the buying power to acquire the products and also services.

The Venus Project proposes a system in which automation and also innovation would certainly be smartly integrated into a total holistic socio-economic design, where the primary feature would be to take full advantage of the lifestyle as opposed to earnings. This job additionally introduces a set of sensible as well as practical values.

This is additionally in perfect accord with the spiritual aspects a believed by many religions throughout the world. What sets The Venus Project apart, nevertheless, is that it proposes to translate these ideals right into a functioning reality.

Jacque as well as Roxanne started the Venus Project at TVP Proving ground in Venus, Florida, where they both work and reside.

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