The HAARP Conspiracy, Everything You Need To Know

The super secret federal government facility turning weather condition into a weapon, causing drought and starvation around the world, controlling minds and driving environment change to extraordinary levels. We have all heard the claims, seen the YouTube videos, and to this day, numerous people stay annoyed over the presence of this government program.

I still see remarks, still hear the small talk. Every day there is another tin foil hater touting about this 'wicked death machine', going on and on about how HAARP and other government apps are messing up the world-- and quite frankly, I just can't take it anymore. There is just excessive stupidness, and I truthfully think individuals do not know the details I will inform you.

You see, the problem with conspiracy theorists is that they do not tend to keep up with the news extremely well-- or reality for that matter. What none of these individuals understand is that HAARP was decommissioned by the Air Force after it was cut by the United States government more than 2 years back!

The program came to an end with Federal sequester spending plan cuts in 2014, after Congress could no longer justify the cost of keeping the facility open for the results it produced. The center was even up for sale to the public, for an expense of $5 million dollars per year, and nobody wanted to buy it. However, after more than a year, the facility was bought by the University of Alaska Fairbanks last July.

After a two million dollar financial investment to get the center back up to working capability, HAARP has been back in action since September 2015. Before you go ahead and state the University of Alaska is now the wicked entity managing our weather, aiming to destroy the world, perhaps you should simply call them yourself and talk with them about it. Maybe go to the center face to face-- yes, you can do that now.

As a representative for the University has actually spokened: "We truly intend to share this with the public so the conspiracy theories will dissipate. We want to show people that there is and constantly has been legitimate research study occurring at HAARP."

So, exactly what does HAARP really do? Well, mainly the center studies radio telecommunication within the ionosphere. More specifically, the center research studies the manipulation results solar storms and meteorological conditions cause on satellite and radio communications across different broadcast places. For example, the facility can simulate the effects a lightning strike has on a radio signal, which, if you have actually ever paid attention to an AM radio during a storm, you would comprehend.

To clarify for all the crazies out there, they can "simulate the impacts of a lightning strike," they do not and can not perhaps make an actual lightning strike or storm-- or perhaps a cloud for that matter. They do all of this by imitating radio waves, not performing weather condition modifications. As for those radio waves, as the University of Alaska explains, "stating HAARP's radio waves effect the environment is like stating tossing a stone in the ocean effects the Pacific Current."

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