The Deep Web Infiltrated, This Is What She Finds.

Deep Web Dark Web

The Deep Web is not The Dark Web. The Dark Web is the encrypted network that exists between Tor servers and their customers. The Deep Web is simply the content of databases and other web services that can not be indexed by traditional search engines. You can only gain access to 0.03% of the Web by means of internet search engine; the rest is what makes up The Deep Web used mostly by pedophiles.

cracked's source, "Pam", spent months undercover in an online community of child molesters, learning their lingo and studying their methods as part of an undergrad research study task. She shares a few of her scary experiences of checking out the dark side of the Internet ...

# 5. The Dark Web Has An Entire Pedophile "Neighborhood".

child pornographers have their own Wikipedia, which is accessible through Tor, called "Tough Candy". There is also a discussion forum called 3DBoys, which has plenty of sexual art; however, there isn't really any actual porn on 3DBoys. There is also a site called 7axxn, essentially the Mos Eisley Cantina for child pornographers. Because subscription to this site is greatly restricted, the only method to get into 7axxn was to get an invite from an existing member and gaining their trust would need breaking the law. This whole "incriminate yourself to get in" attitude prevailed among pedophiles of The Deep Web. Pam got lucky though; somebody invited her on the 3rd day and she was in. The further in she got, the more terrifying the implications of her research ended up being.

# 4. There Are "Child Lovers" And after that There Are "Child Molesters".

7axxn is a community of over 90,000 signed up users, filled with gigabyte after gigabyte of kiddy porn. Many users are just there for the porn, however numerous them also add to a heavily trafficked chat forums. There are even polls, breaking down the appeal of things such as "Hurtcore", which is the charming shorthand term for porn featuring the violent physical abuse of children. Within the "community" there are individuals who are sexually attacking victims who were incapable of providing consent (real rape), and those who are having 'consensual' sexual relationships with kids (real sex).

# 3. It's A Family Business.

Pam found a mediator on 7axxn with the moniker sarahthecunt, who declares to have been molested by her father as a young girl and enjoyed it a lot. So much so she takes pride in her identity as a pedophile. She has three kids that she and her other half are "raising pedo" (her spouse is a member, too). This is another way of stating they rape their kids and convince them that they're enjoying it. She publishes videos she and other half make; according to her, the kids are willing individuals (certainly they cannot be). Here, in sarahthecunt's own words, are the guidelines they set for their kids:

# 2. Child Molesters Have A Handbook.

How does she handle to remain hidden from the eyes of the law for so long? Because people like her have a handbook that includes bits on argumentative excuses for pedophilia. To name a few things, it recommends purchasers of kid porn to do their business in Bitcoin and teaches readers "... how to have sex with children, and conceal it from a loved one". The handbook also secrets newbie pedophiles in on useful hints such as using the shorthand acronym CP, instead of really typing "kid pornography". Another term the community utilizes to avoid suspicion is "young pals", which refers to the children they have actually either mistreated or wish to abuse. The community further safeguards itself by performing all their interaction anonymously on Tor and keeping watchful moderators.

# 1. They Are Very Good At Remaining Anonymous.

One day, Pam discovered a thread about the very best method to drug kids (one quote:" [Drug name removed] does wonders. Very moderate and relaxes muscles too ... Btw [Drug name removed] only makes them worn out and lethargic. Not a good choice for a light sleeper unless combined with etoh (alcohol). Beware."). Disgustingly, those posts were best together with those insisting that kids just like sex.

Pam looked for any court acceptable evidence, location data, ID info ... but she found absolutely nothing. Individuals in The Deep Web are really open about exactly what they wish to do to children, however likewise extremely careful about not pointing out where they are located. And the credit goes to Tor-- that's why it is difficult to stop the spread of child pornography across the concealed reaches of the Internet.

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