Splenda Goes from ‘Safe’ to ‘Caution’ After Leukemia Found In Mice

Splenda Causes Leukemia In mice

A food safety advocacy group has downgraded its score for sucralose, the sweetening agent better referred to as Splenda, from "safe" to "caution" in its chemical guide to food additives.

The Center for Science in the general public Interest, a nonprofit watchdog group, announced that it was downgrading its security score of sucralose from "safe" to "caution," indicating that the additive “may pose a risk and needs to be better tested.”

A recent research study, done at an independent Italian laboratory has actually indicated that when mice were fed with Splenda routinely, they developed leukemia. This evidence, on top of the long list of researches dissuading the use of Splenda, is a significant factor the FDA has actually changed its security score.

Research conducted in 2002 showed that Splenda intake damaged the DNA of mice. DNA damage can be a reason for cancer in a lot of cases. In a 2008 study, researchers reported that Splenda intake had the potential to kill off essential bacteria in the intestinal tract. Eliminating this bacteria can typically lead to disorders like irritable bowel syndrome, as this bacteria often assists with food digestion and eradicate invaders. In this unpublished study, researchers discovered that the sucralose can trigger leukemia in mice who are exposed before birth."

“Previously, the only long-term animal-feeding studies were done by sucralose’s manufacturers”, the CSPI stated.

So what's a splenda user to do? According to CSPI your best bet is to skip it all together. “In order to avoid the risks of both sugars and non-caloric sweeteners, the CSPI is encouraging people to switch to water, seltzer water, flavored unsweetened waters, seltzer mixed with some fruit juice or unsweetened iced tea.”

After this information was made available to the public a statement was released by Johnson and Johnson, which markets Splenda, specifying that "more than 110 research studies carried out over 20 years have actually shown the safety of sucralose."

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