She Found A Rubber Band On Her Door Handle, The Reason For It Being There Is Terrifying

Break-ins and robberies occur more frequently than the majority of us wish to think. The United States leads the world in thefts-- one takes place about every 15 seconds. A surprising 30% of burglars get in homes through opened doors, windows or other openings without having to use force to obtain access. For those people who make certain to lock up, the chances of experiencing a burglary can still be uneasy to think about. The lengths that intruders will go to in order to get in a door can be pretty frightening, and one lady has actually decided to share her story in order to raise awareness about protection from burglary techniques.

Kim's Story

A female living in Texas called Kim Cernigliaro had a close call with burglars who were aiming to enter her home. She was home alone when she heard someone pounding on her front door Her instincts informed her that something was incorrect, so fortunately, she decided not to unlock. But when she peered through the stained glass in her door, she saw the shape of an unidentified guy standing outside.

Kim waited about Thirty Minutes prior to making a move, to make sure that her unexpected visitor was long gone. When she eventually opened her front door, she discovered an elastic band twisted around her doorknob. According to Kim's local Sheriff, this is type of behavior is being more frequently seen in robberies. Burglars position a rubber band around the door knob, enabling them to barge into your home as quickly as the home owner unlatches the door, without having to wait for the homeowner to actually turn the knob.

Kim shared her experience on Facebook in order to spread awareness, and her post went viral. With well over 150,000 shares on the popular social networks website, others have thanked her for sharing her story.

Knowing different methods that burglars take is necessary to staying safe.

Here are a few fundamental security tips that can help you make your house less attracting for intruders to target:

1. Don't Let Packages Accumulate

Leaving mail or disposed of items outside your home can offer burglars important info. If you're disappearing for a couple of days, ask a next-door neighbor or a pal to gather your mail for you and pick up the newspaper from your lawn, making sure intruders do not know the house is empty.

2. Show Home Security Signs

Consider purchasing a house security system. They can get expensive, so if it's not in the budget plan today, show a couple of house security signs in the front of your house so burglars will think you're safeguarded.

3. Make certain Your Home is Well-Lit

A dark home is the best target for intruders. Nobody will see them attempting to break in-- or running away with a stash of your possessions when they leave. If your house is well-lit with porch lights and yard lights, it will better prevent wrongdoers from targeting your house.

4. Conceal Your Valuables

A jewelry box is an instant go-to for intruders. If you desire to keep your belongings safe, keep them in less apparent places, and ensure they cannot be seen through a window.

5. Reinforce Your Doors

An unstable door makes it that much easier for intruders to obtain into your house. Enhance your doors and include more secure locks making sure that unwanted crooks avoid.

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