In 2016, Toddlers Have Shot More People In The US Than Muslim Terrorists Have

Donald Trump is currently running a massive smear campaign on muslims. If made president he intends to prevent Muslims entering purely because some may be terrorists planning on attacking the USA. But these shocking statistics may make you think twice.

The Washington Post has reported that, since the start of 2016 23 people have been shot by toddlers in the USA. That 23 more people than muslims terrorist have shot in the USA. 

It makes you wonder if Trump’s supporters, would want a temporary ban on babies leaving hospitals due to this. Maybe even subject toddlers to more in depth and invasive airport searches, or even OK expensive police surveillance to monitor these toddlers? Based on these the statistics and Trump’s supporter’s logic, toddlers should be subject to the  backlash as that against Muslims. 

Nearly half of the people (11 in total) shot by toddlers 2016 have been fatal. Another shocking fact is that 9 of these toddlers got the gun themselves and fired it.

The Post reports that Georgia and Missouri are the states  where the majority of these tragedies took place, this could be blamed on lax gun storage laws.  

Although, New York state has no laws of this kind. Despite this it has less shooting of this nature.

Mic recently suggested that  "gun-friendly" states such as the above mention, Florida and Texas, have higher rate of toddler-related gun incidents because guns are more socially accepted and are easier to get hold of. This no definitive answer by any stretch of the imagination, but regardless of this, this seems to be a growing problem, as in the same period this time last year there were 18 incidents of this type. 

Some of you may recall the 1995 episodes of The Simpson “Who Shot Mr. Burns Parts 1 & 2, where in the latter it was revealed the Toddler (Maggie Simpson) shot billionaire Mr. Burns. Who knew back then that this type of incident could be a reality.  

In the years since the 9/11 attacks, a rise in Muslim and Sikh hate crimes  have also been accompanied by a number of administrative and law enforcement policies that criminalize these groups. This includes the NYPD's disgraced Demographics Unit, which was designed to spy on Muslim neighborhoods and guess what? They didn’t find a piece of usable intelligence.

Islamophobia is on the increase ironic considering that Muslim terrorists haven’t killed anybody in the USA in 2016, Muslims across the USA suffer greatly mostly due to these incorrect perceptions. There have been six documented cases of the removal of Muslims from commercial airline flights since November, the reason behind this is apparently due to fellow passengers felling threatened by them being on the plane. An great example of this petty attitude was the Iraqi refugee who in April was removed from a Southwest Airlines flight, the reason a fellow passenger heard the man  talking in Arabic on his cell phone and report it as she was scared.

We can make good of this by learning a lesson: Never  criminalize an entire group of people, based on the actions of a small number.  

Also, keep an eye on your children!

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