Hillary Claims To Be Pro-Women, But Her Foundation Pays Women 38% Less Than Men

Equal pay Hillary Clinton

The Clinton Foundation pays women in executive positions 38% less than male executives, yet Hillary is openly stating that she wants to close the gender pay space.

The Daily Caller just recently investigated the current tax return submitted by The Clinton Foundation and discovered that women in executive positions were paid 38% less than the males in similar positions.

If that number isn't really stunning enough, perhaps simplifying into concrete incomes will be. Generally, the leading male executives earn $109,000 more than the leading female officers in Clinton's company.

After going through the foundation's 2013 IRS Form 990 it was discovered that Frederick Post, Director of Sponsor and Marketing, earns $484,000 yearly. He was the business's greatest paid executive.

The highest paid lady of the Clinton Foundation is CEO Virginia Ehrlich, whose pay was less than half of Post's at $201,000. Not that this is a low income in general, but there is a serious difference between Ehrlich and her male equivalent.

Bruce Lindsey, a chairman on the Board for the foundation, is still paid nearly double what Ehrlich owns, earning $395,000 yearly.

Of the eleven executive positions in the foundation's C-Suite, eight males and 3 women fill the roles. All eight of the men make above $200,000, while the female CEO of the foundation is the only woman who makes more than that (by only $1,000 more ...).

As far as pay gaps go, this gap is huge and in the thousands. In 2015, female full-time workers earned 21% less than male full-time workers, implying The Clinton Foundation's 38% pay space is almost double the nationwide.

Yet as the election goes on, Clinton's supposedly firm stance on closing the pay gap continues to make its way into her speeches.

In a speech from in 2014, she said,

“Too many people view it as a women’s issue as opposed to what it truly is — it’s an economic growth issue. And it will be great for the American economy when we finally close that gap.”

Simply last month she delivered a speech in Silicone Valley and said,

 “It is way past time to end the outrage of so many women still earning less than men on the job.”

As if this evidence of furthering the gender gap within her own foundation isn't enough, Clinton likewise has a history of paying women less than males in both her Secretary of State workplace and Senate workplace. While she was a senator, the pay space was about 28%.

It's genuinely frustrating that, as a female prospect, Clinton is publicly pushing greatly for equal rights for women however isn't really ready to put in the work to close the gender spaces she has control over.

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