Her Son Died Suddenly, She Looked Behind Him And Saw This Danger Hiding In Plain Sight

It was 2008. Mary Ellias and also her husband were watching their 10-year-old child play soccer in his team's huge match in Pennsylvania. He was in the goalkeeper position.

The spectators were watching the soccer ball as Hayden blocked a shot as well as threw it down the pitch. All of a sudden, a loud crash was heard.

“When we looked down the field, there he was under the goal,” Mary told WTAE News. “The goal had fallen over on him.”

His neck was broken. There was absolutely nothing medical professionals could do to save his. Mary watched as he passed away, promising to save others from goals like the one that fell on her child.

“I never, ever would have dreamed that there was a danger right there, every day. Just didn’t know it,” Mary said.

Hayden is just one of 39 people who have actually been killed since 1979 as a result of being crush by goals. 57 others have been wounded.

Soccer goal nets are light at the back yet loaded with hundreds of extra pounds of metal at the front. Despite the fact they come with several safety warnings stating that they have to be secured, numerous places pick not to, overlooking the security of people who use their facilities.

This issue is much more prevalent than you might think, as the video clip posted below shows.

Please watch the video clip to hear Mary's message to all parents of children that play soccer.

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