He Pours Vinegar In His Toilet Tank Then He Flushes. The Result Is Genius!

Does anyone like cleaning the bathroom? If you are a spouse or sharing accommodation there are always irritating small messes around.

Worse still are the harsh chemicals that are periodically used for the purpose of cleaning the surfaces in the bathroom e.g. bleach, and fast acting foam cleaners which are often harmful and harsh to the skin, eyes and lungs.

A powerful, inexpensive alternative which we can use safely in the home is white vinegar. White vinegar alone or mixed with other safe ingredients is perfect for cleaning all the surfaces of the bathroom in a short space of time.

A dirty toilet bowl, water stains or even a neglected shower or bath stand no chance against the cleaning use of white vinegar.

I am ready to tackle my bathroom with white vinegar after watching this video, eliminating any harsh chemicals in the future.

In the video there is a surprising mirror cleaner which I cannot wait to experiment with. No doubt, like others out there, my mirrors need a good cleaning!

Please watch the video below:

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