FBI Releases Document Proving Adolf Hitler Escaped And Lived In South America

The FBI’s Website  (FBI.gov) has revealed documents that prove the U.S. government knew Adolf Hitler did in fact escape Germany and lived out his life in South America. He live in the foothills Andes Mountains for a length of time after the end of World War II.

The history books will tell you that over 70 years ago (April 30 1945), Adolf Hitler and his wife Eva Braun committed suicide in his bunker underneath Berlin. Hitler and Eva’s bodies were removed from the bunker and identified by the Soviets, the bodies were set fire to and what remained after this was taken to Russia. The Soviets wouldn’t have lied about something as important as this would they? Reality is they did and we’ve been lied to ever since, time to rewrite the history books!

That’s not all, a photo recently surfaced that allegedly shows a 95-year-old Adolf Hitler posing with his woman in Brazil in 1984. 

Red Flag News reports:

These FBI documents not only suggest that the initial reports of Hitler and Eva Braun’s suicide was one huge lie, the infamous pair may have receive assistance from the director of the OSS, Allen Dulles.

An FBI document from Los Angles, revealed that they government agency  was aware that a U-Boat (submarine) made its way up the coast of Argentina and delivering high ranking Nazi officials to safety. What is more disturbing is that the FBI knew Hitler was living in foothills of the Andes.

More about the mysterious informant:

A letter sent to the FBI in August, 1945 from Los Angeles, an unamed  informant agreed to give information in return for political asylum. What was exchange was beyond belief.

The informant knew Hitler escaped and was living in Argentina and that he also one of the known men to have met the U-Boat that delivered Hitler. 

According to the informant, two submarines had arrived on the coast of Argentina, The second being the one that delivered Hitler with Eva Braun.

The Argentinian government welcomed Hitler and even aided his hiding. The informant went further, he provided directions to various villages that Hitler and company had traveled through. In addition he also provided physical details regarding Hitler.

The informant’s name was never released in the FBI documents, for obvious reasons.  He was considered a credible witness and he testimony was believed by many agents.

Did the FBI try to ignore these findings?

Despite having a physical description and detailed directions, the FBI failed to act on these leads. There was no action taken, even with the evidence that the German sub U-530 arrived on the Coast of Argentina and many eye witness reports of German official being delivered.

Even More Evidence:

In addition to these FBI documents detailing various accounts of Hitler in Argentina, more evidence has surfaced proving that Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun did not commit suicide in his Berlin bunker.

The Naval Attaché in Buenos Aires told Washington in 1945, that it was probable that Hitler and Eva Braun had arrived in Argentina via U-Boat. This is supported by sightings of U-Boat U-530. There is also added proof from local newspaper articles  at the time featuring the construction of a large German style home being built in the foothills of the Andes.

Architect Alejandro Bustillo, who designed and constructed Hitler’s home claimed it was financed by rich German immigrants, who had settle in previous years.

Irrefutable Evidence that Hitler Escaped:

Perhaps the most convincing evidence of Hitler’s survival lies with the Russian. When the Soviet’s occupied Germany, Hitler’s alleged remains were swiftly hidden and sent to Russia. Jump forward to 2009 when Nicholas Bellatoni an archeologist from Connecticut State was given permission to perform various DNA tests on one of the pieces of “Hitler’s” skull. 

Bellatoni discovered something very shocking, the DNA DID NOT match any samples of Adolf Hitler’s DNA, the DNA didn't prove a match for Eva Braun’s either. So the question is, who’s body did the Soviets have and what happened to Hitler?

Former President Dwight D. Eisenhower had also wrote to Washington.

General Eisenhower was not the only one concerned by Hitler’s completely vanishing, Stalin also had his own concerns. The Stars and Stripes newspaper quoted General Eisenhower in 1945, he believed that it was a very real possibility that Hitler was living safely in Argentina.

Is this even possible?

With all of this withheld evidence surfacing, it’s very possible and extremely  likely that Hitler did escape Berlin and he more than likely had help from powerful allies. These documents are proof that the FBI were didn’t only know  about Hitler in Argentina; they were also party to the cover up. Look at the story of Adolf Eichmann, he was found living in Argentina in the 1960’s.

The History Channel recently ran a documentary series called “Hunting Hitler” which is worth a watch. 

Did Hitler escape to Argentina? The answer is more than likely yes.

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