Checkmate: The Central Bank Of Russia

The Central Bank of Russia (CBR) is owned by a foreign state-- the City of London. The City of London still distributes orders to the Russian banks, with Washington keeping a close eye on operations. If the CBR wished to print currency, it can only do so with a corresponding change to its foreign currency cash flow, and can only buy United States bonds for dollars spent on Russian oil. It's a situation that much looks like a noose around the neck of the Russian economy. As soon as the knot is pulled tight, the economy will have a hard time and choke.

Putin is a person renowned for his protective methods. He also appears to have some foresight into monetary matters, working out his every step as though it were an online game of chess. East versus West. Both sides are presently playing for checkmate.

" The law states that the Reserve bank is governed by international contracts." Let's dissect this declaration. First of all, no other reserve bank worldwide is not allowed to support its own national economy. The Russian Central Bank is the only one around with laws governing it that do not support, and even comply with the requirements of the Russian economy. Indeed, there are in-depth pages concerning the running of the organization from abroad. The following quote sums up the situation Russia is dealing with:

“If you have low interest rates in developed countries, free rate works for you. If you have high interest rates, as in underdeveloped countries, free rate works against you. The free rate is good when you have a free country. When a country is a colony with high stakes, then the free rate, on the contrary, is pumping money out of the country.” Russia is still considered an underdeveloped nation by the West, and so we know which side it is on in that regard.

Putin is under pressure from a great deal of sides: geopolitically, economically and militarily. This is why we ought to observe the Reserve bank of Russia closely. Nationalizing it would give us the very first signals that things have actually altered. Changing the ownership from Personal to State ownership might indicate Putin's desire to raise cash for other projects, not authorized by the West. This would show the West that the Rothschild fortress would no longer be tolerated.

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